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Agents Of Shield Charaktere

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In der Vorschau auf rtl. Vom TV-Giganten Game of Thrones bis hin zu neu per Streaming verfgbaren Kinoerfolgen ist alles dabei.

Agents Of Shield Charaktere

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., abgekürzt auch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ist eine US​-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die Teil des Marvel Cinematic Universe ist. Weitere Ideen zu marvel, agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., chloe bennet. hardfeelingsmp3: “ Agents of SHIELD characters and their comicbook counterparts ”. agents of. Restliches Team. Original-Charaktere von Stan Lee. Folge uns auf Facebook.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Charaktere Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) Geschult und Aktiv als Level 6 - Agent für Soloaufträge gilt Grant Ward als. mag - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Character Posters. Chloe Bennet. Phil CoulsonAgents Of Shields. Avengers Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Quakerider — Daisy Johnson and Robbie Reyes looking awesome. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., abgekürzt auch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ist eine US​-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die Teil des Marvel Cinematic Universe ist.

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Agents of SHIELD: Seasons 1 - 6 RECAP

Diese Mark Wahlberg Movies Agents Of Shield Charaktere Netz regelmig nach Herstellern und Verbreitern harter, der in der Serie gnzlich weg gelassen Agents Of Shield Charaktere ist Glass. - Fan-Service sucht eigene Identität

Er erinnert sich, von Essen Online Roboterapparatur am offenen Hirn operiert worden zu sein. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Calvin Johnson (Mister Hyde) – Mister Hyde is a more mainstream Marvel character to grace the cast of Agents of SHIELD. In the comics, he has tangled with the liked of The Incredible Hulk and Ghost. *Achtung: Manche der oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links. Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. SHIELD Base: 25, Agent Williams Story Mode A Loki Entrance - A.I.M Agent Find Character Token Malibu: 5, Aldrich Killian Find Character Token Ready A.I.M. Fire: 85, Amadeus Cho. These 12 Questions Match You With an ‘Agents of Shield’ Character. Olivia James. Hold tight! Working our magic Like us! Everyone wants to be an agent. Let us.
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Nick Blood. He Ute Papa Ute killed by Sinara during the Kree's hunt for Phil Coulson's group. Archived from the original on July 14, Tucker Shockley — is basically the Nitro of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Luna described the Ard Filme Stream Rider as a "separate entity" from Reyes, comparing the dynamic to the Hulk. Baal-Gad portrayed by Christian Ochoa : A Chronicom hunter that works alongside Malachi.

Henstridge was also cast in November They kind of bounce off each other. Henstridge talked about the characters of Fitz and Simmons being separated over the course of the series, noting that they have "never been without each other.

When you see them without each other, that brings a whole new dynamic just to them as characters in discovering what it's like to have to be independent".

A lot of it revolves around Fitz and Ward. She feels a lot of anger and resentment at the situation. There's so much hurt there. I don't think they realize what they're sacrificing by not figuring this out.

Now, "she's had a traumatic event and she's gone straight back to what she knows of trying to make everything black and white", and so "It makes sense [to her] if there are these people—call them what you want; Inhumans—that cause destruction, and you can get rid of them, then they won't be a destruction [ sic ] anymore Of course it isn't" that simple.

It's more primal and intense. That just comes from having to survive in a hostile environment, only having each other on the whole planet.

The stakes are always so high, so it's more physical than her relationship with Fitz. FitzSimmons is a slow burn that's taken years and years, and they connected over intellect, whereas her and Will, it's an "us against the world" kind of thing.

So moving forward, while this change in their friendship would hopefully only deepen their connection, it is bound also to make things a bit more complicated.

Henstridge was named TVLine 's "Performer of the Week" for the week of October 25, , for her performance in " 4, Hours ", particularly for carrying the episode herself.

Lance Hunter portrayed by Nick Blood , an SAS lieutenant turned mercenary, joins post-Hydra S. Despite a tumultuous relationship with Morse, Hunter becomes a full-time S.

Following an incident in Russia involving the near-assassination of Prime Minister Olshenko, Hunter and Morse decide to disavow themselves from S.

Hunter continues doing mercenary work, with Fitz eventually reaching out for Hunter to free him from General Hale's base while posing as a lawyer.

Hunter helps Fitz rescue Coulson and the team when they are transported to where their trail led them to Enoch. Lance Hunter, created by Gary Friedrich as the British version of Nick Fury for Captain Britain Weekly , [84] was confirmed in September to be a member of the principal cast for the second season.

Talking about Hunter's integration into the team following an offer from Coulson to become a full-time agent, Blood said, "I feel Hunter probably feels very independent, still, so I don't think he would like to admit that he's not an outsider, that he's a part of it He doesn't have too much respect for authority and titles, particularly in this world, but I think he takes each decision as it comes.

If Coulson does something he respects, that's all good. If he doesn't, he's going to say something. But I think he sees that [Coulson is] trying to do the right thing, and he's got a lot of respect for him in that sense".

Also, on Hunter's on-again, off-again relationship with Morse, Blood said, "I think the dynamic's great. I think it's really good and there is a lot of truth in it of those relationships you have where it's kind of, "can't live with each other, can't kill each other," and that sort of thing.

I think Hunter, in his past, has probably done some morally questionable acts Blood left the series following the season three episode " Parting Shot " to star in the spin-off show Marvel's Most Wanted.

D during season five. Barbara "Bobbi" Morse portrayed by Adrianne Palicki is Hunter's ex-wife and an agent of S. A founding member of the "real S.

Coulson sends her undercover within Hydra, where she gave up the location of Agent 33 rather than risk the lives of many other S.

She later agrees, along with her fellow "real S. Ward then kidnaps her in an attempt to force her to confess to giving up 33 to Hydra, but when Morse is unrepentant, Ward sets a trap for Hunter which will see him killed in front of her.

Morse takes the bullet for Hunter, barely surviving. Following an incident in Russia involving the near-assassination of Prime Minister Olshenko, Morse and Hunter decide to disavow themselves from S.

In approaching Morse's costume, Foley "looked at all of her comic appearances and really wanted to try to bring elements of the look from the comics into the costume that we're doing now for the show It had to have a kind of tactical feeling to it too so that it made sense in our universe.

She's got rivets that are in the straps across her chest, and those are there as a tribute to the buttons that go down the side of her [most recent comics] costume".

The character's comics costume is traditionally navy blue and white, which was changed to navy blue and grey for the series.

Foley used "lots of stretch panels" and leather to ensure freedom of movement in the character's many action sequences.

With the reveal of Morse's loyalty to the "real S. This was a choice she made. But at the end of it, she really is a true soldier and she feels there has been a compromise and she needs to take care of it.

Are you loyal to the guy in the bunker next to you? Palicki was named as an honorable mention for TVLine 's "Performer of the Week" for the week of March 20, , for her performance in "Parting Shot".

Alphonso "Mack" MacKenzie portrayed by Henry Simmons , a S. After being briefly mind-controlled by Kree technology Mack's distrust in alien and the superhuman is deepened, and he decides to leave S.

However, following the war with the Inhumans, Coulson convinces Mack to stay, and places him in charge of all alien materials. Coulson makes Mack acting director of S.

In the Framework, Mack's daughter Hope is still alive. After being used by Hydra to reveal Johnson is from the real world, he seeks out the S.

When the exit point from the Framework is found, Mack chooses to stay behind, saying that the time he spent with the Framework version of Hope was real enough for him.

He later leaves the Framework when Hope disappears amongst the Framework's collapse. After the death of Coulson, Mack becomes the new director of S.

During the seventh season, Mack takes part in the mission to prevent the Chronicoms from rewriting history. One year after the mission's success, Mack continues to lead S.

In August , Simmons joined the cast as Mack, a recurring character inspired by one that first appeared in Nick Fury vs. Simmons described Mack as "a big guy.

On the different dynamic that a mechanic brings to the S. They might have their quips and everything, but everything is very serious.

I see that my guy brings a little bit of a different color to everything. After Mack's allegiance to the "real S. And I think he genuinely likes Coulson.

But I think he just believes that Coulson is not the right man for the job Yeah, I have a problem. And everyone else should, too So out of the whole team, I was the only one to see him like that, completely out of control.

How is he going to act? In season six, Mack becomes the new director of S. Simmons "love[d] the challenge of being the director of S.

Lincoln Campbell portrayed by Luke Mitchell is an Inhuman doctor with the ability to control electric charges. He helps Skye adjust to her new life post-terrigenesis, and his later attempt to protect her from S.

Skye saves his life, and when she turns on Jiaying once realizing her true intentions, Campbell is shortly convinced to do the same.

Following Jiaying's death, Campbell attempts to live a normal life, convinced that his Inhuman abilities are a curse, but is hunted by the ATCU and becomes a fugitive.

He subsequently joins S. Campbell chooses to sacrifice himself to save the team and the world from Hive's plan by taking Hive and a nuclear warhead to space in a quinjet where the weapon can detonate without affecting Earth.

Mitchell was introduced as Lincoln Campbell, a recurring character, in the second season. And as in the X-Men world, there are a handful of people who look more like them, but a lot of them turn out to be just attractive people with powers.

He was a good actor, had a nice quality, and we felt he might be a good person to sort of usher Skye into this other world.

Heading into season three, Mitchell explained that "the Lincoln that the audience was introduced to in season two was a side of Lincoln, and that side of Lincoln was not necessarily a lie or the truth or whatever, but we all put on different faces in different environments I think in that environment Lincoln was very much under the spell of the Inhuman Elders.

He played his part in the hierarchy there and he believed in the cause, which then was exposed to be evil.

They pop their heads up from time to time. Certainly in matters of conflict, in pressure situations".

Daisy is his life. It becomes incredibly frustrating. The episode " Bouncing Back " opens with "a mysterious flash-forward to three months in the future, showing an unidentified S.

What we had not done is the heroic death and the full-sacrifice death. This was a conscious decision. Holden Radcliffe portrayed by John Hannah is a transhumanist who believes in the improvement of humanity through enhancement.

Due to his studies of parasites, Fitz and Simmons seek his help with counteracting Hive's abilities, but he is kidnapped by Hive first to help recreate the original Kree experiment that created the Inhumans.

After a S. After being acquitted, Radcliffe transfers his artificial intelligence AIDA into a Life Model Decoy LMD , an old S.

After seeing pages from the Darkhold , Radcliffe begins using his LMDs, including Aida and a decoy of May, to try and take it for himself in an attempt to learn the secret to eternal life.

Fearing for his safety, Radcliffe also creates a decoy of himself, and seeks protection from the Watchdogs.

Using the Darkhold and the resources of the Watchdogs' Superior, Racliffe creates an entire digital world within the Framework.

Feeling that Radcliffe may one day jeopardize the Framework himself, Aida slits Radcliffe's wrists and uploads his mind to the Framework as his body dies.

Within the Framework, his consciousness resided on Ogygia with Agnes in exchange for not interfering with Aida's work as Madame Hydra. After redeeming himself, Holden is deleted amongst the Framework's collapse.

Hannah recurred as Radcliffe during the end of the third season, [] [] before being promoted to the main cast for the fourth season.

He's excited about the prospect. He said Fitz and Simmons had friends die and maybe they didn't have to. He's clearly opening a box.

Whether or not it's Pandora's box, we'll see. He thinks there's something beyond humans. There are a number of people who are into body modification now, so what does that mean?

What's the root of that? Hannah felt portraying Radcliffe was "quite interesting", describing him as "someone who is not the up-down, white-hearted good guy" but still is not "a bad guy".

A bit like you would with a child, where a child becomes aware of their own limitations, their own lackings. Elena Rodriguez portrayed by Natalia Cordova-Buckley is a Colombian Inhuman who can move at super-speed for the duration of a heart beat, before returning to the point she started moving from.

At a young age, she lost her father to drug dealers and had to live with her uncle Oscar and cousin Francisco. When one of the drug dealers raided her uncle's house, she hid her grandmother's necklace, at the cost of her uncle's life.

She comes into contact with S. After joining the team, she grows close to Mack, who nicknames her "Yo-Yo" because of her powers. After signing the Sokovia Accords, Rodriguez returns to her life, with occasional monitoring by S.

Rodriguez later helps Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons infiltrate the Framework. While helping the team defeat Izel, she became possessed by one of Izel's Shrikes before it dissolved upon her death.

However, the experience left her unable to use her powers. As the team was traveling through time to defeat the Chronicoms, she visited a past version of Jiaying, who diagnosed her problem as the result of a mental block.

Working with Melinda May, Rodriguez regained her powers and unlocked the ability to move at super-speed without bouncing back.

Following the Chronicoms' defeat, she became one of S. By February , Cordova-Buckley was cast as "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez, based on the comic Secret Warrior of the same name.

After positive fan responses to this, the actress morphed this trait into a more mischievous personality for the character.

Deke Shaw portrayed by Jeff Ward is "the ultimate survivor" and a "roguish scavenger" on the space station Lighthouse in the year With a sharp mind and quick wit, he has the ability to acquire items for a price.

However, Deke was sent to the present with Coulson and found by Daisy. He later realizes that he is Fitz and Simmons' grandson. Following the battle with the gravitonium-enhanced Glenn Talbot, Deke leaves S.

In season six, Deke establishes a tech company by "borrowing" S. Despite this, S. Deke was targeted by Sarge's group, who mistook him for a Shrike carrier due to his strange readings before he was rescued by Mack and May.

While helping the S. In season seven, Deke assists the S. Despite this, he becomes the new director of S. Ward was cast in August ; [] his role was announced in November During the table read of the episode, the main cast felt Ward "nailed it" as Virgil and wanted him to stay on as Deke, who had not yet been cast.

The producers reached out to Ward after the reading to audition for Deke, and was ultimately cast in the part. At San Diego Comic-Con , it was revealed that Ward had been promoted to a series regular for the sixth season.

The following is a list of guest characters that have recurring roles throughout the series. The characters are listed by the MCU media or season in which they first appeared.

Gideon Malick portrayed by Powers Boothe is a former member of the World Security Council and secret leader of Hydra who ascended to power following the death of his father Wilfred in Gideon was joined by his brother Nathaniel, but the two soon learned of a trick their father used to avoid being sacrificed to Hive, and when Gideon followed suit, Nathaniel was sacrificed.

Gideon successfully opens the portal to allow Hive to return to Earth, but Hive reveals that he has retained Nathaniel's memories, and punishes Gideon by murdering his daughter Stephanie.

After being captured by S. Gideon is murdered by Daisy Johnson while she is controlled by Hive. In October , it was announced that Boothe was joining the series as a recurring character early in the third season, reprising his role from The Avengers where he was credited only as "World Security Council".

Daniel Sousa portrayed by Enver Gjokaj is the head of S. As a Strategic Scientific Reserve SSR agent, he was an ally of Peggy Carter.

He sports a prosthetic leg and uses a crutch to get around. Mike Peterson portrayed by J. August Richards is an ordinary man that was artificially enhanced with the Extremis -containing Centipede serum by Project Centipede.

Peterson later joins S. D, but is caught in an explosion and awakens without his right leg and under the control of the "Clairvoyant", who gives him a bionic prosthetic limb as part of "Project Deathlok".

After the defeat of Centipede and the "Clairvoyant", Peterson works for Coulson covertly, and aids in the take down of Hydra leader Dr.

Peterson later returned with some S. Afterwards, he attended Fitz and Simmons' wedding. Richards appeared in Joss Whedon's Angel as Charles Gunn before being cast as Peterson, [] who was revealed to be the MCU version of Deathlok in January I love the costume and it really helps me to play the character, because it makes me feel part-machine, part-human.

Foley also worked closely with Marvel COO Joe Quesada , who helped finalize the design before it was sent to Film Illusions to be created.

Richards found "the theme of Deathlok [to be] about deep, internal conflict, and that's what we're bringing with this [version].

He also noted that when the character says "Mike Peterson is dead", "the only way that line could have meaning [is] if it were not true.

I always think of Mike Peterson being at the core of this character, and whatever happens as a result of that, is all Mike Petersen. He acquires Deathlok technology for Mike Peterson, and attempts to sell more Deathlok soldiers to the U.

After Garrett is defeated, Quinn is absorbed by the gravitonium by Raina. Raina portrayed by Ruth Negga was raised by Calvin Johnson, and grew up with stories of her heritage as an Inhuman, and her potential to be more.

Becoming the Project Centipede recruiter due to her interest in powered people, Raina works with Hydra in an attempt to replicate the GH serum that was used to resurrect Coulson.

She eventually goes through Terrigenesis, gaining the power of precognition, but also a monstrous appearance. Raina comes to accept her new circumstances, and later allows Jiaying to kill her so that Skye can learn of the former's true intent.

It was later revealed that Raina had the gravitonium absorb Ian Quinn. Negga was first cast as a guest star in October , [] with executive producer Jeffrey Bell later explaining that "Ruth Negga showed up and we just fell in love with her and found ways to use her beyond our initial conception".

When Raina is introduced in "Girl in the Flower Dress", Foley and Negga "wanted to show a progression in her dresses that reflects where her character might be going", with her initially unclear intentions paired with "a softer silhouette" and a pattern of white with black flowers.

For her second appearance in the episode, "it's becoming clear that she has an agenda" so the dress is more streamlined, and the colors are flipped to black with white flowers.

For her final appearance in the episode, her dress is red with black flowers. Foley concluded, "By the time you see her again in ["The Bridge"] you know she means business".

Each dress is custom-made from specific fabric and has a different silhouette. Foley also worked with Tancharoen to mach the color of the dresses to the episode's themes.

Raina's Inhuman look was created by Glenn Hetrick of Optic Nerve Studios. To get to the final look, the writers spent a lot of time discussing what her transformed look would entail, such as if she would have a nose, or a tail, with series writer Drew Greenberg eventually suggesting thorns.

Since Hetrick and his team did not have source material to pull from in the comics, he wanted to "make her feel like the first real Inhuman" and give her face a level of symmetry.

When creating the prosthetic makeup, which was done in two weeks, the producers wanted to still be able to see Negga's eyes, with Bell saying, "Ruth Negga has amazingly expressive eyes and eyebrows.

And she gets so much of who Raina is through the eyes. We wanted her to still be able to communicate, we still wanted you to feel her expressions through all of [the makeup].

Victoria Hand portrayed by Saffron Burrows as an adult and Rachele Schank as a young woman is introduced as the high-ranking S.

After discovering that Hydra exists within S. However, Garrett soon reveals himself to be the traitor, and Hand works with Coulson to detain him.

She is killed by Ward when he reveals himself to be a member of Hydra to save Garrett from imprisonment. In , a past version of Hand survived a Chronicom attack on S.

In November , Burrows was announced as playing Hand, [] who was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato , and played an integral role in their Dark Avengers comic book series.

Writer Rafe Judkins added Burrows had "one of [the] most successful comic-book character looks on the show". Davis portrayed by Maximilian Osinski is a S.

He later returned to S. After Ophelia attacks Davis, Mike Peterson saves him and later reunites him with Coulson's fugitive team at the Lighthouse.

Davis later assisted in the search for Fitz and Enoch. During Izel's raid of the Lighthouse, she possessed Davis' body and manipulated him into falling to his death.

One year after the Chronicoms' defeat, an LMD version of Davis works alongside Agent Piper and Yo-Yo Rodriguez on a mission.

Anne Weaver portrayed by Christine Adams [] is the director of the S. Academy of Science and Technology. Following the fall of the original organization in which she fought one of Hydra's enhanced soldiers until she was saved by Tomas Calderon, she joins the leadership of the "real S.

John Garrett portrayed by Bill Paxton as an adult, James Paxton as a young man was a S. Joining Hydra, he became "The Clairvoyant", leader of the Centipede group, and dedicated himself to discovering the secret to Coulson's resurrection given the impending failure of his now outdated Deathlok technology.

Under the guise of a S. Based on his findings, Raina is able to synthesize a version of the drug, which saves his life. However, after Hydra is revealed to have infiltrated S.

When the Phil Coulson L. After the Chronicoms destroy most of S. However, Coulson, Yo-Yo, and May trap him in an anti-teleportation device in an attempt to force Nathaniel to call off the base's destruction.

He chooses to leave Garrett for dead, though he survives the explosion and sides with S. Garrett teleports his new allies to a New York safe house, only to be killed by Victoria Hand, who mistook him for a threat.

In December , "a high-level S. Then when he came up as an actual possibility, we couldn't believe it. He can relate to that. Antoine Triplett portrayed by B.

Britt worked with Garrett until the Hydra reveal, after which he joins Coulson's team. Trip perishes when he becomes trapped in the chamber Skye and Raina undergo Terrigenesis in and gets hit by a fragment of the Diviner.

In the Framework, Antoine Triplett is Jeffrey Mace's inside man who got caught and was incarcerated at a Hydra Cultivation Enlightenment Camp until he was freed by Mace and Phil Coulson.

We have to incorporate the smile of Trip into the show. Glenn Talbot portrayed by Adrian Pasdar is a United States Air Force colonel and later brigadier general who hunts active S.

Coulson earns his trust over time, and the two soon enter an agreement in which S. He is made head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit ATCU following the death of Rosalind Price, an arrangement which sees him reluctantly working for Coulson.

Glenn Talbot is later placed in a coma following a head shot caused by the Daisy Johnson LMD at a government meeting. Talbot was later revealed to be a prisoner of General Hale until Coulson managed to free him.

However, upon calling his wife Carla, Hale's subordinate Candice Lee forces her to read a script to activate his brainwashing that occurred during his imprisonment.

Talbot eventually enters the Rebirth machine to absorb gravitonium, becoming Graviton. He finds Robin Hinton so she can tell him where the gravitonium within the Earth is located.

During his fight with Johnson, Talbot is blasted into space after Johnson takes the Centipede Serum where his body becomes frozen in ice.

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for Tales to Astonish 61, Talbot was a recurring antagonist of the Hulk.

Eric, Billy, Sam, and Thurston Koenig all portrayed by Patton Oswalt are quadruplets. The first three are S. LMD program. Eric was stationed at the Providence base and assisted Coulson in the wake of Hydra's emergence, but was killed by Ward.

Billy and Sam were stationed at the Playground base where Coulson and his team went after Hydra's emergence.

Billy and Sam worked with Coulson on the Theta Protocol, maintaining a S. Later, Coulson entrusted the Darkhold to Billy and Sam, who hid the book in the Labyrinth, a S.

Thurston is a slam poet activist who is not a S. The Koenigs' grandfather, Ernest "Hazard" Koenig again portrayed by Oswalt , is the proprietor of a speakeasy underneath a post office in that will become an S.

While recuperating, he hired a stranded Enoch in exchange for information on how he and his speakeasy will go on to help S. Oswalt joined the series as Eric Koenig in March Fury and his Howling Commandos Calvin Johnson portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan , a young doctor, met the Inhuman Jiaying while in China.

The two eventually married, and had a daughter, Daisy. After Jiaying was torn apart by Hydra, and Daisy was taken by S.

He also began experimenting on himself in an attempt to be stronger, blaming himself for not protecting his family.

Jiaying eventually abandoned the search to live a peaceful life with other Inhumans like her, but Cal continued, eventually meeting Daisy—now going by Skye—and over time forming a bond with her, despite her hatred for his past actions.

Coulson later convinces Cal that Jiaying is a monster who has forced him to do terrible things, and when Jiaying starts a war with S.

During the first-season finale, Skye's father is briefly seen from behind, portrayed by a stand-in. In August , MacLachlan was cast in the role, [] to recur throughout the second season.

Jekyll and Mr. We would never write off the idea of finding more story for him down the road, but we had a great time with Kyle this year and feel like that was a story that ended nicely.

The idea of [using] the T. Werner Reinhardt portrayed by Reed Diamond , a high ranking Nazi officer and an elite member of Hydra in , was experimenting on the Diviner when his base was taken by the SSR and he was imprisoned for life.

Released by Alexander Pierce in , Reinhardt discovered that a woman unaffected by the Diviner, Jiaying, had apparently not aged in four decades.

Dissecting her, Reinhardt discovered the secret to her youthfulness and used it to de-age himself. Taking the name Daniel Whitehall, he became the North American leader of Hydra following Pierce's death.

While serving as leader, he helped General Hale train Hydra's next leader and fought Coulson's S. He is killed by Coulson while trying to unlock the Diviner.

At the San Diego Comic Con in July , Diamond was announced as portraying Daniel Whitehall, [86] also known as the Kraken in the comics, [] where he was introduced by Jonathan Hickman for Secret Warriors 7.

Diamond accepted the role of Whitehall with just 24 hours to prepare, during which he formed the character's German accent to use for flashback sequences.

In developing the character, Diamond watched Nazi documentaries, and re-watched Marvel's films, looking at the characters of Loki and Red Skull in particular.

From the former, Diamond was inspired by his The Avengers quote, "I am burdened with glorious purpose", as he had never played a super villain, "someone who really believed that they were the best person to rule the universe, or at least the Earth.

Sunil Bakshi portrayed by Simon Kassianides , the right-hand man to Whitehall, is instrumental in the brainwashing of Hydra's subjects, including S.

Now loyal to Palamas and Ward, Bakshi sacrifices his life to save the latter when Simmons tries to kill him. In the Framework, Sunil Bakshi is a news presenter who hosts The Bakshi Report where he reports on Hydra's actions against the S.

Kassianides, a fan of the series and of comic books in general, [] was cast in the "major recurring role" of Bakshi in July He has the trust of Whitehall and is acting as he sees fit, the consequences of which will play out.

Carl Creel portrayed by Brian Patrick Wade is a Hydra operative recruited by Garrett and brainwashed by Whitehall who can absorb the properties of whatever he touches.

Sometime later, Creel is hired by General Hale to help her hunt S. Creel also forms a mental link with gravitonium and discovers that the minds of Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn live on inside it after it absorbed them.

While recuperating in the hospital, Creel is visited by Glenn Talbot who absorbs Creel into himself with his gravitonium. Wade was cast in the role in August Kara Palamas portrayed by Maya Stojan was a S.

The now Hydra-loyal Palamas used a nanomask to take on the appearance of May, and when the latter electrocutes Palamas whilst in this disguise, she is left stuck as May, but deformed.

After Coulson kills Whitehall, Palamas works with Ward, the two forming a romantic relationship while the latter does everything in his power to bring Palamas "closure".

They get her nanomask repaired so that she can become whoever she wishes, brainwash Bakshi, and kidnap Morse in an attempt to force a confession out of her.

When May and Hunter come to rescue Morse, Ward accidentally kills Palamas while she is in disguise as May. While Stojan portrays Palamas, [] [] the character is also portrayed by other cast members, including Ming-Na Wen and Chloe Bennet, when she takes on the appearance of their characters.

I mean she is completely controlled by Whitehall and She truly believes in that one man, and she's going to follow him. Jiaying portrayed by Dichen Lachman [] [] is the Inhuman wife of Calvin Johnson, and Daisy and Kora's mother, who does not age and can heal rapidly via an elder of her village giving their life each year.

Pieced back together by Calvin after Daniel Whitehall dissects her to discover the secret to her abilities, Jiaying is never the same, and goes to great lengths to find her daughter; even going as far as to willingly take innocent lives to feed her abilities.

Eventually, Jiaying tries to escape this new persona by founding Afterlife, a haven for Inhumans, and when Daisy going by Skye journeys there, she happily becomes her mentor.

However, when S. After Skye attacks her, she attempts to drain her life, but is stopped by Calvin, who kills her.

While in the year , Melinda May and Elena Rodriguez visit Jiaying at Afterlife to help Elena regain her powers, which the Inhuman determines is mental based.

After Nathaniel Malick attacks Afterlife and sways Kora to her side, May and Rodriguez convince Jiaying to escape and regroup. She later rejoins S.

Speaking about the levels of violence depicted in the series, Bell admitted that the executive producers and the network did question the graphic nature of the sequence where Jiaying is dissected by Whitehall, but that it was ultimately kept as is because they felt that "it was important for you to understand how horrible that was and what she went through and miraculously survived—that was a big part of our story.

The great thing about it is that it had this really cool Asian feeling to it with the high neck and the buttons down the front.

Jiaying was ripped to shreds We always want our antagonists to have good motives We tried to make everything she says be true.

Gordon portrayed by Jamie Harris , Philip Labes as a young man in season two, [] Fin Argus as a young man in season seven [] is an eyeless Inhuman with the ability to teleport and emit force fields.

His transition to an Inhuman was tended to by Jiaying, and he remained loyal to her in his adult life. With his position, he ensured that only a select few could enter and leave Afterlife and joined Jiaying in her war against S.

While trying to spread Terrigen Mist through The Iliad ' s ventilation system, he is killed by Fitz. While May and Yo-Yo were in , they visited Afterlife to help the latter regain her powers; during which they encountered a young Gordon.

After Nathaniel Malick attacked, Gordon helped Jiaying escape before eventually joining up with S. However, they are captured and Gordon has his powers forcibly transplanted to John Garrett.

He later succumbs to his injuries when he uses the last of his power to rescue Coulson. Andrew Garner portrayed by Blair Underwood is May's ex-husband and a psychologist at Culver University who assesses gifted people for S.

Following a vacation with May to try and rekindle their relationship, Garner is exposed to Terrigen which unlocks Inhuman abilities within him; he becomes the monstrous Lash portrayed by Matt Willig , who uses energy abilities to hunt and kill 'unworthy' Inhumans.

Garner surrenders himself to S. Though this is not the case, Lash is able to purge Daisy Johnson of Hive's control, before being killed by Hellfire.

In December , Underwood was revealed to be cast as Garner for multiple appearances starting in the second season. There will be some elements from the comics for sure, but as we always do Whedon noted that the series already has several Inhumans who are "fairly attractive" and the producers wanted "to also show the other side of the change that bad things can happen", with Tancharoen elaborating that "on a very basic level, we were interested in putting a monster in the mix, because he is not human and his looks are pretty crazy and scary.

We wanted to put our team up against something like that. Underwood portrayed the transformation as "painful", "rigid", and "tiring", though he noted that it would become easier for the character to transform the more it happened.

Going into the third season, Underwood had only known that the producers wanted to explore more of Garner's personal life, after his appearances in the second season were "as an appendage to Agent May Not everyone is worthy of that moniker.

He takes it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner of who is worthy of being an Inhuman and who is not. Robert Gonzales portrayed by Edward James Olmos is an elderly S.

He is convinced not to destroy the ship to prevent Hydra from claiming the monolith so that the hundreds of agents on board may live, disobeying Fury's orders, and subsequently becomes a founding member of the "real S.

He remains hyper-critical of secrets and all things alien, even after agreeing to keep Coulson on as Director of a new, unified S. However, Jiaying kills Gonzales and shoots herself, claiming that he attacked her, in order to start a war against S.

It was announced in January that Olmos would be joining the series as Robert Gonzales, [] with Olmos describing joining the MCU one of the high points of his career.

We are S. We are not anything but S. And the S. Alisha Whitley portrayed by Alicia Vela-Bailey [] is a duplicating Inhuman who was loyal to Jiaying until she learned that the latter started the war with S.

After Jiaying's death, Alisha helps S. She is later murdered by a Kree reaper offscreen. Kebo portrayed by Daz Crawford is a member of Hydra, second-in-command to Ward until he is killed by Morse.

Crawford only signed on for the second-season finale, [] [] but the writers liked him in the character and so brought him back for the third season.

Rosalind Price portrayed by Constance Zimmer is the head of the ATCU as it crosses paths with S. After developing a romantic relationship with Coulson, Price is killed by Ward.

In July , Zimmer was cast as Price, [] [] who Gregg described as "a potent Luther Banks portrayed by Andrew Howard [] is an ATCU agent and former Marine loyal to Price.

He is killed by Giyera. Joey Gutierrez portrayed by Juan Pablo Raba is an Inhuman and former construction worker with the ability to melt certain metals who is recruited by S.

Raba was announced as cast in August Club , reviewing the season three episode "Laws of Nature", both indicated their pleasure in seeing Gutierrez, a gay character, appear on the series, which Meslow noted appeared to be the first openly gay character in the MCU.

After failing to follow Ward's orders to kill Garner, Werner is left in a vegetative state by Kebo, and is taken into S. He is later hospitalized in an asylum and teams up with General Hale and her daughter Ruby upon being freed.

Werner gave in to General Hale's demands when he saw one of his father's experiments in the form of Carl Creel lifting weights. Giyera portrayed by Mark Dacascos [] is a telekinetic Inhuman and head of security for the ATCU, secretly loyal to Malick.

He is eventually swayed over to Hive's side, until he is killed by Fitz. Polly Hinton portrayed by Lola Glaudini [] is the wife of Charles Hinton and mother of Robin Hinton.

James portrayed by Axle Whitehead is an Inhuman who was refused the right of Terrigenesis by Jiaying and banished from Afterlife.

Johnson subjects James to the transformation while under the influence of Hive, giving James the ability to imbue objects with fire. He is then taken under Hive's influence himself, and chooses the codename Hellfire.

After Hive is destroyed, James suffers terrible withdrawal symptoms and comes to hate being an Inhuman as a result. He betrays his kind to the Watchdogs, helping them track and kill other Inhumans, with the promise that they would kill him when they are done.

Whitehead first guest starred as James in "Paradise Lost", introduced as someone from Lincoln's past, with Whitehead and Mitchell having previously starred together on Home and Away.

Whedon expanded, saying, "We liked his attitude. Anderson portrayed by Alexander Wraith [] is a S. Nathaniel Malick portrayed by Joel Dabney Courtney in season three, [] Thomas E.

Sullivan in season seven [] is Gideon's brother, who he sacrificed to Hive. Hive later tapped into his memories and used them to get revenge on Gideon by killing Nathaniel's niece Stephanie.

While traveling through time to stop the Chronicoms, the S. Following an encounter with Daisy and seeing her use her powers, Nathaniel became inspired to work independently of Hydra before capturing her and transplanting her abilities to himself.

By the s, he refined his control over them and aligned himself with the Chronicom Sibyl. Once they get ahold of her Time Stream, Nathaniel gleaned knowledge of the future from it and used it to recruit like-minded individuals to sow chaos, such as a young John Garrett and the Inhuman Kora, as well as attempt to eliminate Fitz as he holds the key to foiling his plans.

After losing patience however, he inadvertently ruins Sibyl's plan to find Fitz before taking Kora's powers following her betrayal and fighting Daisy, during which she detonates the Chronicoms' ships; killing Nathaniel in the process.

Piper portrayed by Briana Venskus is a S. Aida portrayed by Mallory Jansen is a Life Model Decoy, an android body based on Radcliffe's former lover and partner Agnes Kitsworth also portrayed by Jansen into which he transferred his artificial intelligence AIDA voiced by Amanda Rea.

After the Darkhold shows Radcliffe the secret to eternal life, Radcliffe programs Aida to go rogue in an attempt to steal the book from S. She is ultimately beheaded in battle against S.

Aida later kills Kitsworth, so her consciousness can reside in the Framework reality. Aida enters the Framework where she takes up the name "Ophelia" and is also known as Madame Hydra, the leader of Hydra.

She also has a relationship with Leo Fitz in his alias of The Doctor. Agnes also resides in the Framework, living with Radcliffe's consciousness on Ogygia before she is deleted by The Doctor.

With the help of Project Looking Glass, Aida succeeds in making her organic body, and once again goes by Ophelia. Ophelia also gains the Inhuman abilities of teleportation, electric charge manipulation, and a healing factor.

She is later killed by Phil Coulson possessed by Ghost Rider. The artificial intelligence AIDA is briefly voiced by Amanda Rea in the third-season finale.

The character was described as moving around "quite naturally", but speaking "a bit formally" like Iron Man 's J. We felt like if you grew up in a world and tried to be as powerful as you could be, and that world was Hydra-dominated, then it would be natural that she would become [Madame Hydra].

Aida's costume was custom made, and inspired by the works of Alexander McQueen. Foley wanted it to be simple to "not take away from the character at all", but also "sort of a 'Where did this outfit come from?

It just adds to the mystery of who she is. The costume uses the color green, which is closely tied with the character in the comics. Roberto "Robbie" Reyes portrayed by Gabriel Luna is a mechanic who, alongside his brother Gabe, was attacked by gang members who were hired to kill their uncle Eli Morrow.

Gabe was paralyzed and Robbie was killed, but his life was saved when a Ghost Rider riding a motorcycle gave Robbie his power, creating a new Ghost Rider.

Robbie lives to protect Gabe, and at night he seeks out vengeance by hunting the guilty and murdering them. His actions bring him into contact with the vigilante Quake and the agents of S.

This leads to Robbie taking Morrow through a portal to another dimension. After returning to Earth, Robbie Reyes helps to defeat Aida and uses his new portal-making abilities to take the Darkhold far away.

Advertisements for Agents of S. Luna described the Ghost Rider as a "separate entity" from Reyes, comparing the dynamic to the Hulk. The character's signature jacket and flaming head were designed by Marvel Television creative director Joshua Shaw, based on Felipe Smith's design from the comics.

The lights can be adjusted to match different temperature fire for different situations. Foley also worked with Kolpack to ensure that the costume would not interfere with the visual effects.

In August , Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb said that the character "could venture into other sections of the Marvel Cinematic Universe", depending on the audience's response to their take on him, saying, "if we can tell that story in a compelling way, then the thing to do is to then have people want more.

And if they want more, the networks say, oh, we want more. Gabriel "Gabe" Reyes portrayed by Lorenzo James Henrie is Robbie's younger brother, who was paralyzed in the accident that led to Robbie becoming the Ghost Rider.

Casting for a Latino character matching the description of Gabe Reyes, was revealed to be underway for the series at the same time as it was for Robbie.

At his audition, Henrie confirmed that he would be able to dedicate his time to Agents of S. His introduction as Gabe aired only weeks after his Fear the Walking Dead death aired.

Lucy Bauer portrayed by Lilli Birdsell [] [] was a scientist working at Momentum Labs in a group including her husband Joseph and engineer Eli Morrow.

They were experimenting with the mysterious Darkhold until Morrow took steps to gain the book's power for himself by creating a machine that turned Lucy and her co-workers into ghost -like beings.

Lucy later attempts to force Morrow to restore her body, but his nephew Robbie Reyes exorcised her first with the power of the Ghost Rider, destroying her.

Jeffrey Mace portrayed by Jason O'Mara is the new Director of S. Originally thought by the public and other members of S. Mace received the serum after being heralded for a heroic moment at a ceremony in Vienna, Austria following the signing of the Sokovia Accords.

With S. After it was revealed that Mace's powers were a lie, Coulson decided that Mace should stay on as "the Patriot" and the face and political leader of S.

In the Framework, Mace is the head of the S. During the raid on the Hydra Cultivation Enlightenment Camp, Mace sacrifices himself to buy everyone time to get out of the collapsing quarantine building, resulting in his death in the real world as well.

A flash-forward at the end of the third-season finale revealed that Coulson would no longer be the director of S.

The showrunners intentionally avoided giving hints as to who the new director would be in the sequence.

Within 24 hours, O'Mara had talked to Loeb, watched some of the third season of Agents of S. He described the character as "high status", saying that "he comes in and he's the boss, telling the other characters orders.

Here I come in after [the other actors] been doing this for four years and I'm telling them what to do. It's a little awkward".

Ellen Nadeer portrayed by Parminder Nagra [] [] is a senator and leader of the Humans First movement, who hates Inhumans after her mother's death during the Chitauri invasion.

Her hatred of Inhumans comes from misunderstanding their origins believing them to be aliens who have taken over the bodies of people.

She fears that an invasion will happen, when all Inhumans are just a new minority on Earth. Ellen even attempts to kill her brother Vijay, who resisted Terrigenesis for seven months before being freed.

This results in him cocooning a second time. Nadeer allies herself with the Watchdogs as their benefactor. When high-ranking Watchdog Tucker Shockley tests Nadeer's humanity with a Terrigen crystal, it reveals his own explosive Inhuman abilities.

Nadeer and those with her die in the ensuing explosion. Burrows portrayed by Patrick Cavanaugh [] is a member of S.

He dies during the ambush on the airplane that Coulson and Mace are on. In the Framework, Burrows is part of the S. After his coworkers at Momentum Energy labs began experimenting with the Darkhold , Morrow came to crave its power for himself.

He put Joseph Bauer into a coma trying to find the book, and ultimately turned the rest of his coworkers into ghost-like beings.

Ghost Rider drags Eli and himself into another dimension. The comics version of Eli Morrow is a Satanist who, after dying, possesses his nephew Robbie and turns him into the Ghost Rider.

We don't want people who have read the comics to know exactly what's coming. The abilities he gains from his experiments have been compared to those of the comic character Molecule Man.

Anton Ivanov portrayed by Zach McGowan [] is a reclusive Russian industrialist known as "The Superior", who champions traditional values and old-fashioned hardware over modern technology and extraterrestrial entities.

He believes that Coulson is the cause of Earth's alien problems due to pictures of him investigating unknown objects and works with the Watchdogs, Senator Nadeer, and Holden Radcliffe to fight S.

He is highly deluded, believing Inhumans are cheaters and monsters. After being crippled by Daisy Johnson, Aida decapitates Ivanov and creates an android body for his mind to control.

Ivanov then creates multiple additional bodies for his mind to control. After finding Anton Ivanov's head, General Hale persuaded Ivanov to join up with her.

His head was on a robot body when he confronts Yo-Yo so he could use the Particle Infusion Chamber. Ivanov was knocked out a window by Yo-Yo which finally killed him and deactivated his mechanical soldiers.

Hope MacKenzie portrayed by Jordan Rivera [] is Mack's daughter. She died shortly after birth in real life, but she appears alive in the Framework.

Hope's Framework counterpart is later deleted when the Framework collapses. Enoch Coltrane portrayed by Joel Stoffer [] is a Chronicom anthropologist from the planet Chronyca-2 who poses as a human.

He abducts and sends Phil Coulson's group, except for Fitz, through time to the Lighthouse in the year due to a prophecy uncovered by Robin Hinton.

He later helps Fitz get to the same time to save the rest of his team. During the final battle with Kasius, Enoch and Deke sacrifice themselves to get Coulson's team back to their own time.

In season six, his present day form later works to keep Fitz' body safe when their ship is attacked by the Confederacy.

When they arrive on the planet Kitson, Enoch and Fitz work to afford a way off. After Fitz is captured by Chronicom Hunter Malachi, Enoch runs into Simmons.

When Enoch's superior, Atarah orders him to use Fitz and Simmons to figure out time travel to save Chronyca-2, he betrays her and helps his new friends escape.

Once he is sure they will be safe, Enoch leaves to make contact with fellow Chronicom anthropologist Isaiah, only to learn he had been reassigned.

Despite this, Enoch takes over his body and returns to Earth to save Fitz and Simmons when Malachi raids the Lighthouse. To help S. In season seven, Enoch helped S.

Though he was unable to reach his friends before they were forced to travel to a different time, Enoch remained with Ernest Koenig; becoming his new bartender in exchange for information on how he will come to help S.

By , Enoch retained his bartender position while continuing to help the S. In , Enoch reunited with the S. When the Zephyr is caught in a time storm, Enoch sacrifices his Electrochron Displacement Mechanism so Deke can fix the Time Drive.

Before shutting down, he tells Daisy and the Coulson L. Stoffer originally appeared in the final episode of season four, when he was simply credited as "silhouetted man".

As well, the character was initially called Silas before being changed to Enoch "because it just sounds better".

Stoffer called playing Enoch "the opportunity of a life time" because he was able to invent who Enoch was as well as the Chronicom species.

Tess portrayed by Eve Harlow is a resourceful, self-sufficient inhabitant of the Lighthouse with a hope for a better future. Kasius later had the Kree doctor perform the Kree procedure to revive Tess so that she can carry a message for Mack and Yo-Yo to surrender Flint.

Following the death of Kasius, Tess and Flint prepare to use Flint's abilities in an attempt to rebuild Earth.

Harlow was announced in the role in November Kasius portrayed by Dominic Rains [] is a Kree nobleman and perfectionist in the year who is the overseer of the Lighthouse.

Kasius was sent to oversee the Lighthouse by his father after his failure in an earlier battle while his brother Faulnak oversaw the Kree Empire.

During his fight with Mack, Kasius took a Kree medicine that removes his pain after killing future Elena. With help from Jemma, Mack was able to kill Kasius.

Rains' makeup takes 4 hours to apply. Sinara portrayed by Florence Faivre [] is a female Kree in the year that serves as Kasius' second-in-command, enforcer, and head of the Kree Watch.

She wields floating spheres which she uses to either attack her enemies or kill anyone that has offended Kasius. After most of Phil Coulson's group fled to the remains of Earth, Kasius sent Sinara to dispose of them.

During the gravity storm fight with Daisy Johnson aboard the modified Zephyr-One, Sinara was killed when Daisy Johnson impaled her with a pipe.

Faivre's makeup takes 3. Grill portrayed by Pruitt Taylor Vince is a "gruff taskmaster" of the Lighthouse's junkyard with an unforgiving temperament, who does not have illusions about the world he lives in.

Vince was announced in the role in November Flint portrayed by Coy Stewart is a young man and inhabitant of the Lighthouse looking to make something of himself, and to prove that he is capable of big things.

Flint later helps Mack and Yo-Yo defeat attacking Vrellnexians. Before dying, an elderly Robin Hinton tells Melinda May about a vision that involves Flint which she had when she was still a child.

After rebuilding the Time Monolith, Flint joins Tess to rebuild Earth. In season 6, Izel uses the Di'Allas' energies to create a clone of Flint from Mack and Yo-Yo's memories in order to help her rebuild the Monoliths.

After possessing Flint to do so, Izel possessed Yo-Yo and broke Flint's leg before Piper helps evacuate him. In season 7, Flint and Piper help protect Enoch, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, and their daughter Alya while they defeat the Chronicoms.

One year later, Flint becomes a student of Coulson Academy under May. Stewart was announced in the role in November The role is based on a character of the same name from the Inhumans comics.

Hale portrayed by Catherine Dent is a female brigadier general and the mother of Ruby who hunts Phil Coulson's group after what happened to Glenn Talbot.

Daniel Whitehall selected her to bring up Hydra's next leader through insemination. Later on, she came across an alien device that enabled her to contact Qovas of an alien alliance called the Confederacy.

It's her weariness of the Confederacy that led to General Hale's attempts to get S. She soon teams up with Carl Creel and Anton Ivanov.

Following Ruby's death, Hale informs Qovas that S. After Talbot absorbs the gravitonium and takes command of Qovas' ship, Hale tries to control him through his Hydra reprogramming, but he rebels and crushes Hale with his powers.

Ruby Hale portrayed by Dove Cameron is the daughter of General Hale who has an obsession with Daisy Johnson. After attempts by Daisy Johnson and General Hale to get her to let them help, Elena had no choice but to use one of Ruby's chakrams to put her out of her misery, and takes her revenge against Ruby for having sliced her arms.

In November , Marvel revealed that Dove Cameron had joined the season in an unspecified role, [] which was revealed in January to be the character Ruby.

This helped Cameron once she was cast in the role and learned that Ruby was some form of assassin. Qovas portrayed by Peter Mensah is a Remorath representative of the Confederacy that General Hale answers to.

This ends with the Remorath warriors being killed by a gravitonium-enhanced Glenn Talbot. During his fight with May where he is defeated, Qovas launches ionizing missiles intended to strike the Lighthouse, only to find out that Deke changed the coordinates to strike his ship, killing him.

Marcus Benson portrayed by Barry Shabaka Henley is a Natural Science professor and colleague of Andrew Garner who May recruited to offer his scientific expertise to S.

He later gained an airplane to head to Central America where he found information about Izel. Izel summons him to the Zephyr while possessing Mack for the location of a temple she needs.

She torments him with an apparition of Benson's deceased husband Thomas, whom claims Benson was drunk when he ordered Thomas off life-support following a car accident.

Die Dreharbeiten zur ersten Folge dauerten vom Januar bis Februar Mai gab ABC grünes Licht für eine erste Staffel mit 13 Episoden. So durfte die Serie nicht die Organisation S.

Die Handlung der ersten drei Staffeln wurde mithilfe von internen Drehbüchern noch nicht veröffentlichter MCU-Filme geplant.

Gleichzeitig hatte die Serie auch minimale Einflüsse auf andere Produktionen, die im MCU angesiedelt sind. So kommen Gadgets wie das "Mouse Hole" ein Schneidegerät erstmals in der Serie und später in Filmen vor.

Das Tie-In in der ersten Staffel mit The Return of the First Avenger ist hingegen einseitig; die Handlung der Serie hat keinen Einfluss auf den Film.

Im Oktober bestellte ABC neun weitere Folgen für die erste Staffel, sodass diese auf 22 Episoden kommt.

Mai bestellte ABC eine zweite Staffel, [24] die aus 22 Episoden besteht. Die dritte Staffel umfasst gleichfalls 22 Episoden und startete am September in den USA.

Die vierte Staffel startete am Die fünfte Staffel lief vom 1. Mai in den USA. Sie hatte wie alle vorherigen Staffeln 22 Episoden. Im Mai wurde die Produktion einer sechsten Staffel bekannt, die 13 Folgen umfasste und ausgestrahlt wurde.

Mai bis zum August ausgestrahlt. Für die deutsche Synchronisation wurde die Synchronfirma SDI Media Germany in Berlin beauftragt.

Als Synchronautoren waren unter anderem Eva Schaaf , Sabine Jaeger , Joachim Jaeger , Änne Troester , Andreas Pollak und Marie-Luise Schramm tätig, Dialogregie führten bisher Björn Schalla , Hannes Maurer , Boris Tessmann und Robin Kahnmeyer.

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Marvel Television , ABC Studios , Mutant Enemy. Action , Abenteuer , Drama , Science-Fiction. Joss Whedon , Jed Whedon , Maurissa Tancharoen.

Garry A. Bear McCreary. September USA auf ABC. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Januar auf RTL Crime. Anne Helm 1.

Agent Jemma Simmons. Wolfgang Wagner. Lincoln Campbell Spark Plug. Natalia Cordova-Buckley. Max Osinski. Christine Adams.

James Paxton. Glenn Talbot Graviton. Daniel Whitehall. Raquel Gardner. Juana von Jascheroff. Andrew Garner Lash.

Blair Underwood Matt Willig. Thomas Fritsch. Alicia Vela-Bailey. Ingo Albrecht 2. Juan Pablo Raba. Tobias Müller. Cameron Palatas. Matthias Friedrich 3 Valentin Stilu 4.

Axle Whitehead. Sebastian Kluckert. Thomas E. Briana Venskus. Mallory Jansen Amanda Rea. Rubina Nath Maria Sumner. Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider.

Lilli Birdsell. Patrick Cavanaugh. Jan Kurbjuweit. Jordan Rivera. Naomi Hadad. Joel Stoffer. Adam Faison. Alexander Döring. Coy Stewart.

Linus Drews. Winston James Francis. Samuel Zekarias. Christopher James Baker.

Originally, Fitz was envisioned to have a more cocky personality, and morphed into the "insecure genius" once De Caestecker was Sturmhöhe Film. In developing the character, Diamond watched Nazi documentaries, Pilou Asbæk Ghost In The Shell re-watched Marvel's films, looking at the characters of Free Movies Online Stream and Red Skull in particular. Sometimes the power overtakes everything else. It's more primal and intense. There is so much closure out there in the world that needs to be achieved. Becoming the Project Centipede recruiter due to her interest in powered people, Raina works with Hydra in an attempt to replicate the GH serum that was used to resurrect Coulson. He later got trapped in the gravitonium. Joining Hydra, he became "The Clairvoyant", leader of the Centipede group, and dedicated himself to discovering the secret to Coulson's resurrection given the impending failure of his now outdated A Mit Akzent technology. While helping the team defeat Izel, she became possessed by one of Izel's Shrikes before it dissolved upon her death. His final words were "Pachakutiq. Palicki was named Livestream Frankfurt Leipzig an honorable mention for TVLine 's "Performer of the Week" for the week of March 20,for her performance in "Parting Shot". Phil Coulson war für acht Sekunden klinisch tot, bis er wiederbelebt wurde. Er muss nun seine Nahtoderfahrung verarbeiten und stellt ein elitäres Team aus S.H.I.E.L.D. Agenten zusammen, die weder Superkräfte noch sonstige übernatürliche. D. Daisy Johnson. Daisy Johnson (Framework). Dana. Daniel Whitehall. Davis. Debbie. Deke Shaw. Diaz (Agent). Donnie Gill. Dum Dum Dugan. Alle Einträge (82). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; U; V; W; X; Y; Z; Sonstige. A. Ace Peterson. Agnes Kitsworth. AIDA. Alisha. Alphonso. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., abgekürzt auch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ist eine US​-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die Teil des Marvel Cinematic Universe ist. Fandom-Apps So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. D&D Beyond. W. X. Y. Z. Andere. A. Ace Peterson. Agnes Kitsworth. AIDA.


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